kitrepo - a logical object definition in the xCAT database.


kitrepo Attributes: compat_osbasenames, kitname, kitrepodir, kitreponame, osarch, osbasename, osmajorversion, osminorversion


Logical objects of this type are stored in the xCAT database in one or more tables. Use the following commands to manipulate the objects: mkdef, chdef, lsdef, and rmdef. These commands will take care of knowing which tables the object attributes should be stored in. The attribute list below shows, in parentheses, what tables each attribute is stored in.

kitrepo Attributes:

compat_osbasenames (kitrepo.compat_osbasenames)

List of compatible OS base names.

kitname (kitrepo.kitname)

The Kit name which this Kit Package Repository belongs to.

kitrepodir (kitrepo.kitrepodir)

The path to Kit Repository directory on the Mgt Node.

kitreponame (kitrepo.kitreponame)

The unique generated kit repo package name, when kit is added to the cluster.

osarch (kitrepo.osarch)

The OS distro arch which this repository is based on.

osbasename (kitrepo.osbasename)

The OS distro name which this repository is based on.

osmajorversion (kitrepo.osmajorversion)

The OS distro major version which this repository is based on.

osminorversion (kitrepo.osminorversion)

The OS distro minor version which this repository is based on. If this attribute is not set, it means that this repo applies to all minor versions.


mkdef(1), chdef(1), lsdef(1), rmdef(1)