kitcomponent - a logical object definition in the xCAT database.


kitcomponent Attributes: basename, description, driverpacks, exlist, genimage_postinstall, kitcompdeps, kitcompname, kitname, kitpkgdeps, kitreponame, postbootscripts, prerequisite, release, serverroles, version


Logical objects of this type are stored in the xCAT database in one or more tables. Use the following commands to manipulate the objects: mkdef, chdef, lsdef, and rmdef. These commands will take care of knowing which tables the object attributes should be stored in. The attribute list below shows, in parentheses, what tables each attribute is stored in.

kitcomponent Attributes:

basename (kitcomponent.basename)

Kit Component basename.

description (kitcomponent.description)

The Kit component description.

driverpacks (kitcomponent.driverpacks)

Comma-separated List of driver package names. These must be full names like: pkg1-1.0-1.x86_64.rpm.

exlist (kitcomponent.exlist)

Exclude list file containing the files/directories to exclude when building a diskless image.

genimage_postinstall (kitcomponent.genimage_postinstall)

Comma-separated list of postinstall scripts that will run during the genimage.

kitcompdeps (kitcomponent.kitcompdeps)

Comma-separated list of kit components that this kit component depends on.

kitcompname (kitcomponent.kitcompname)

The unique Kit Component name. It is auto-generated when the parent Kit is added to the cluster.

kitname (kitcomponent.kitname)

The Kit name which this Kit Component belongs to.

kitpkgdeps (kitcomponent.kitpkgdeps)

Comma-separated list of packages that this kit component depends on.

kitreponame (kitcomponent.kitreponame)

The Kit Package Repository name which this Kit Component belongs to.

postbootscripts (kitcomponent.postbootscripts)

Comma-separated list of postbootscripts that will run during the node boot.

prerequisite (kitcomponent.prerequisite)

Prerequisite for this kit component, the prerequisite includes ospkgdeps,preinstall,preupgrade,preuninstall scripts

release (kitcomponent.release)

Kit Component release.

serverroles (kitcomponent.serverroles)

The types of servers that this Kit Component can install on. Valid types are: mgtnode, servicenode, compute

version (kitcomponent.version)

Kit Component version.


mkdef(1), chdef(1), lsdef(1), rmdef(1)