Extreme Cloud/Cluster Administration Toolkit

xCAT stands for Extreme Cloud/Cluster Administration Toolkit.

xCAT offers complete management of clouds, clusters, HPC, grids, datacenters, renderfarms, online gaming infrastructure, and whatever tomorrows next buzzword may be.

xCAT enables the administrator to:
  1. Discover the hardware servers
  2. Execute remote system management
  3. Provision operating systems on physical or virtual machines
  4. Provision machines in Diskful (stateful) and Diskless (stateless)
  5. Install and configure user applications
  6. Parallel system management
  7. Integrate xCAT in Cloud

You’ve reached xCAT documentation site, The main page product page is http://xcat.org

xCAT is an open source project hosted on GitHub. Go to GitHub to view the source, open issues, ask questions, and particpate in the project.