monitoring - a logical object definition in the xCAT database.


monitoring Attributes: comments, disable, name, nodestatmon


Logical objects of this type are stored in the xCAT database in one or more tables. Use the following commands to manipulate the objects: mkdef, chdef, lsdef, and rmdef. These commands will take care of knowing which tables the object attributes should be stored in. The attribute list below shows, in parentheses, what tables each attribute is stored in.

monitoring Attributes:

comments (monitoring.comments)

Any user-written notes.

disable (monitoring.disable)

Set to ‘yes’ or ‘1’ to comment out this row.

name (

The name of the monitoring plug-in module. The plug-in must be put in /lib/perl/xCAT_monitoring/. See the man page for monstart for details.

nodestatmon (monitoring.nodestatmon)

Specifies if the monitoring plug-in is used to feed the node status to the xCAT cluster. Any one of the following values indicates “yes”: y, Y, yes, Yes, YES, 1. Any other value or blank (default), indicates “no”.


mkdef(1), chdef(1), lsdef(1), rmdef(1)