RHEL 7.5

  1. Create a repository on the MN node installing the CUDA Toolkit:

    # For cuda toolkit name: /path/to/cuda-repo-rhel7-9-2-local-9.2.64-1.ppc64le.rpm
    # extract the contents from the rpm
    mkdir -p /tmp/cuda
    cd /tmp/cuda
    rpm2cpio /path/to/cuda-repo-rhel7-9-2-local-9.2.64-1.ppc64le.rpm | cpio -i -d
    # Create the repo directory under xCAT /install dir for cuda 9.2
    mkdir -p /install/cuda-9.2/ppc64le/cuda-core
    cp /tmp/cuda/var/cuda-repo-9-2-local/*.rpm /install/cuda-9.2/ppc64le/cuda-core
    # Create the yum repo files
    createrepo /install/cuda-9.2/ppc64le/cuda-core
  2. The NVIDIA CUDA Toolkit contains rpms that have dependencies on other external packages (such as DKMS). These are provided by EPEL. It’s up to the system administrator to obtain the dependency packages and add those to the cuda-deps directory:

    mkdir -p /install/cuda-9.2/ppc64le/cuda-deps
    # Copy the DKMS rpm to this directory
    cp /path/to/dkms-2.4.0-1.20170926git959bd74.el7.noarch.rpm /install/cuda-9.2/ppc64le/cuda-deps
    # Execute createrepo in this directory
    createrepo /install/cuda-9.2/ppc64le/cuda-deps