Update NVIDIA Driver

If the user wants to update the newer NVIDIA driver on the system, follow the Create CUDA software repository document to create another repository for the new driver.

The following example assumes the new driver is in /install/cuda-9.2/ppc64le/nvidia_new.


  1. Change pkgdir for the cuda image:

    chdef -t osimage -o rhels7.5-ppc64le-install-cudafull \
  2. Use xdsh command to remove all the NVIDIA rpms:

    xdsh <noderange> "yum remove *nvidia* -y"
  3. Run updatenode command to update NVIDIA driver on the compute node:

    updatenode <noderange> -S
  4. Reboot compute node:

    rpower <noderange> off
    rpower <noderange> on
  5. Verify the newer driver level:

    nvidia-smi | grep Driver


To update a new NVIDIA driver on diskless compute nodes, re-generate the osimage pointing to the new NVIDIA driver repository and reboot the node to load the diskless image.

Refer to Create osimage definitions for specific instructions.