The following sections demonstrates how to use xCAT to configure post-installation steps


NVIDIA recommends various post-installation actions that should be performed to properly configure the nodes. A sample script is provided by xCAT for this purpose config_cuda and can be modified to fit your specific installation.

Add this script to your node object using the chdef command:

chdef -t node -o <noderange> -p postscripts=config_cuda

Setting GPU Configurations

NVIDIA allows for changing GPU attributes using the nvidia-smi commands. These settings do not persist when a compute node is rebooted. One way set these attributes is to use an xCAT postscript to set the values every time the node is rebooted.

  • Set the power limit to 175W:

    # set the power limit to 175W
    nvidia-smi -pl 175
  • Set the GPUs to persistence mode to increase performance:

    # nvidia-smi -pm 1
    Enabled persistence mode for GPU 0000:03:00.0.
    Enabled persistence mode for GPU 0000:04:00.0.
    Enabled persistence mode for GPU 0002:03:00.0.
    Enabled persistence mode for GPU 0002:04:00.0.
    All done.