makegocons - Register or unregister the node in the goconserver service


makegocons [-V|--verbose] [-d|--delete] [-q|--query] [noderange]

makegocons [-V|--verbose] [-C|--cleanup]


In order to use goconserver instead of conserver, reference for more information.

The makegocons command will start the goconserver service if it is not started, then send the REST request to create or delete the session resource in the goconserver service. The session information including the session command or ssh connection parameters (for openbmc) is generated by xcat based on the records in the related tables (e.g. nodehm, ipmi, ppc, openbmc).

By default makegocons will register the session for all of the nodes in xcat.

If a noderange is specified, only the session in the specified scope will be affected, goconserver service will not be restarted and the other session will not be disconnected. This is the advantage of goconserver over the conserver service with makeconservercf.

If -d is specified, makegocons will remove the session in the goconserver service.

In the case of a hierarchical cluster (i.e. one with service nodes) makegocons will determine which nodes will have their consoles accessed from the management node and which from a service node (based on the nodehm.conserver attribute).

To start goconserver on the specified service node, setup goconserver package on that service node, then set the console column of servicenode table to 2.

To support diskless service node, a new column consoleenabled has been added in nodehm table, it is used by makegoconscommand to save the current console state for the node. After reinstalling the service node, the console storage file which maintain the console nodes by goconserver is lost, xCAT would register the console nodes into goconserver based on consoleenabled attribute when restarting xcatd service.

For openbmc which uses ssh as the terminal session connection method, goconserver can help save the system resources as goconserver could handle the ssh connection within goroutine which is more light-weighted than the command process.

Note: goconserver only support the systemd based systems. It has been integrated with xCAT as a recommended package.



Delete rather than add or refresh the nodes specified as a noderange.


Remove the entries for the nodes whose definitions have been removed from xCAT db.


List the console connection of the nodes. If noderange is not specified, all of the console nodes will be displayed.


Display version.


Verbose mode.


Display usage message.


  1. The command completed successfully.
  2. An error has occurred.


  1. To create goconserver configuration for all the nodes.
  1. To create goconserver configuration for nodes node01-node10.
makegocons node01-node10
  1. To remove goconserver configuration for node01.
makegocons -d node01
  1. To list console connection for node01.
makegocons -q node01