makeconservercf - creates the conserver configuration file from info in the xCAT database


makeconservercf [-V|--verbose] [-d|--delete] [noderange]

makeconservercf [-V|--verbose] [-C|--cleanup]

makeconservercf [-V|--verbose] [-l|--local] [noderange]

makeconservercf [-V|--verbose] [-c|--conserver] [noderange]

makeconservercf [-V|--verbose] noderange [-t|--trust] hosts

makeconservercf [-h|--help|-v|--version]


The makeconservercf command will write out the /etc/, using information from the nodehm table and related tables (e.g. mp, ipmi, ppc). Normally, makeconservercf will write all nodes to the /etc/ file. If a noderange is specified, it will write only those nodes to the file. In either case, if a node does not have nodehm.cons set, it will not be written to the file.

If -d is specified, makeconservercf will remove specified nodes from /etc/ file. If noderange is not specified, all xCAT nodes will be removed from /etc/ file.

If -C|--cleanup is specified, makeconservercf will remove console configuration entries from /etc/ for the nodes whose definitions have been removed from xCATdb. Don’t specify any noderange.

In the case of a hierarchical cluster (i.e. one with service nodes) makeconservercf will determine which nodes will have their consoles accessed from the management node and which from a service node (based on the nodehm.conserver attribute). The /etc/ file will be created accordingly on all relevant management/service nodes. If -l is specified, it will only create the local file.



Delete rather than add or refresh the nodes specified as a noderange.


Remove the entries for the nodes whose definitions have been removed from xCAT db.


Only set up the conserver on the conserver host. If no conserver host is set for nodes, the conserver gets set up only on the management node.


Only run makeconservercf locally and create the local /etc/ The default is to also run it on all service nodes, if there are any.

-t|--trust hosts

Add additional trusted hosts into /etc/ The hosts are comma separated list of ip addresses or host names.


Display version.


Verbose mode.


Display usage message.


  1. The command completed successfully.
  2. An error has occurred.


  1. To create conserver configuration for all the nodes.
  1. To create conserver configuration for nodes node01-node10.
makeconservercf node01-node10
  1. To remove conserver configuration for node01.
makeconservercf -d node01