route - a logical object definition in the xCAT database.


route Attributes: gateway, ifname, mask, net, routename, usercomment


Logical objects of this type are stored in the xCAT database in one or more tables. Use the following commands to manipulate the objects: mkdef, chdef, lsdef, and rmdef. These commands will take care of knowing which tables the object attributes should be stored in. The attribute list below shows, in parentheses, what tables each attribute is stored in.

route Attributes:

gateway (routes.gateway)

The gateway that routes the ip traffic from the mn to the nodes. It is usually a service node.

ifname (routes.ifname)

The interface name that facing the gateway. It is optional for IPv4 routes, but it is required for IPv6 routes.

mask (routes.mask)

The network mask.

net (

The network address.

routename (routes.routename)

Name used to identify this route.

usercomment (routes.comments)

Any user-written notes.


mkdef(1), chdef(1), lsdef(1), rmdef(1)