mac - a table in the xCAT database.


mac Attributes: node, interface, mac, comments, disable


The MAC address of the node’s install adapter. Normally this table is populated by getmacs or node discovery, but you can also add entries to it manually.

mac Attributes:


The node name or group name.


The adapter interface name that will be used to install and manage the node. E.g. eth0 (for linux) or en0 (for AIX).)


The mac address or addresses for which xCAT will manage static bindings for this node. This may be simply a mac address, which would be bound to the node name (such as “01:02:03:04:05:0E”). This may also be a “|” delimited string of “mac address!hostname” format (such as “01:02:03:04:05:0E!node5|01:02:03:04:05:0F!node6-eth1”). If there are multiple nics connected to Management Network(usually for bond), in order to make sure the OS deployment finished successfully, the macs of those nics must be able to resolve to same IP address. First, users have to create alias of the node for each mac in the Management Network through either: 1. adding the alias into /etc/hosts for the node directly or: 2. setting the alias to the “hostnames” attribute and then run “makehost” against the node. Then, configure the “mac” attribute of the node like “mac1!node|mac2!node-alias”. For the first mac address (mac1 in the example) set in “mac” attribute, do not need to set a “node name” string for it since the nodename of the node will be used for it by default.


Any user-written notes.


Set to ‘yes’ or ‘1’ to comment out this row.


nodels(1), chtab(8), tabdump(8), tabedit(8)