wcons - windowed remote console


wcons [-t | --tile=n] [xterm-options] noderange

wcons [-h | --help | -v | --version]


wcons provides access to the remote node serial console of a single or range or nodes or groups.

wcons is a simple front-end to rcons in an xterm session for each console.


-t | --tile=n

Tile wcons windows from top left to bottom right. If n is spec- ified then tile n across. If n is not specified then tile to edge of screen. If tiled wcons windows reach bottom right, then the windows start at top left overlaying existing wcons windows.

-h | --help

Print help.

-v | --version

Print version.

xterm options

See xterm(1). Any options other than those listed above are passed directly to xterm. Note: when given multiple nodes, wcons will override -title and tries to figure out optimal -geometryoptions for the xterms (however, -geometry can still be specified).


nodehm table - xCAT node hardware management table. See nodehm(5)|nodehm.5 for further details. This is used to determine the console access method.


wcons node1-node5

wcons --tile --font=nil2 all

wcons -t 4 node1-node16

wcons -f vs -t 4 node1-node4


Tile mode assumes that the width of the left window border is also the width of the right and bottom window border. Most window managers should not have a problem. If you really need support for a screwy window manager let me know.

See Also

noderange(3)|noderange.3, rcons(1)|rcons.1, xterm(1)