pping [-i | --interface interfaces] [-f | --use_fping] noderange

pping [-h | --help]

pping {-v | --version}


pping is a utility used to ping a list of nodes in parallel. pping will return an unsorted list of nodes with a ping or noping status. pping front-ends nmap or fping if available.

This command does not support the xcatd client/server communication. It must be run on the management node.


-i | --interface interfaces

A comma separated list of network interface names that should be pinged instead of the interface represented by the nodename/hostname. The following name resolution convention is assumed: an interface is reachable by the hostname <nodename>-<interface>. For example, the ib2 interface on node3 has a hostname of node3-ib2.

If more than one interface is specified, each interface will be combined with the nodenames as described above and will be pinged in turn.

-f | --use_fping

Use fping instead of nmap

-h | --help

Show usage information.

-v | --version

Display the installed version of xCAT.


  1. pping all

    Output is similar to:

    node1: ping
    node2: ping
    node3: noping
  2. pping all -i ib0,ib1

    Output is similar to:

    node1-ib0: ping
    node2-ib0: ping
    node3-ib0: noping
    node1-ib1: ping
    node2-ib1: ping
    node3-ib1: noping


psh(1)|psh.1, noderange(3)|noderange.3