clonevm - Create masters from virtual machines and virtual machines from masters.


clonevm noderange [ -t master_to_be_made | -b master_to_base_vms_upon ] [ -d|--detached] [-f|--force]


Command to promote a VM’s current configuration and storage to a master as well as performing the converse operation of creating VMs based on a master.

By default, attempting to create a master from a running VM will produce an error. The --force argument will request that a master be made of the VM anyway.

Also, by default a VM that is used to create a master will be rebased as a thin clone of that master. If the --force argument is used to create a master of a powered on vm, this will not be done. Additionally, the --detached option can be used to explicitly request that a clone not be tethered to a master image, allowing the clones to not be tied to the health of a master, at the cost of additional storage.

When promoting a VM’s current state to master, all related virtual disks will be copied and merged with any prerequisite images. A master will not be tethered to other masters.



Display usage message.

-b master_to_base_vms_upon

The master to base the clones upon

-t master_to_be_made

The target master to copy a single VM’s state to


Explicitly request that the noderange be untethered from any masters.


Force cloning of a powered on VM. Implies -d if the VM is on.


Command Version.


Verbose output.


0: The command completed successfully.

Any other value: An error has occurred.


  1. Creating a master named appserver from a node called vm1:
clonevm vm1 -t appserver
  1. Cleating 30 VMs from a master named appserver:
clonevm vm1-vm30 -b appserver




chvm(1)|chvm.1, lsvm(1)|lsvm.1, rmvm(1)|rmvm.1, mkvm(1)|mkvm.1, vmmaster(5)|vmmaster.5