chkosimage - Use this xCAT command to check an xCAT osimage.


chkosimage [-h | --help ]

chkosimage [-V] [-c|--clean] osimage_name


This command is currently supported for AIX osimages only.

Use this command to verify if the NIM lpp_source directories contain the correct software. The lpp_source directory must contain all the software that is specified in the “installp_bundle” and “otherpkgs” attributes of the osimage definition.

The command gets the name of the lpp_source resource from the xCAT osimage definition and the location of the lpp_source directory from the NIM resource definition.

It will check for installp, rpm and emgr type packages.

Note: Remember to use the prefixes, “I:”, “R:”, and “E:”, respectively, when specifying package names in an installp_bundle file or an otherpkgs list.

In addition to checking for missing software the chkosimage command will also check to see if there are multiple matches. This could happen when you use wildcards in the software file names. For example, if you have perl-xCAT* in a bundle file it could match multiple versions of the xCAT rpm package saved in your lpp_source directory.

If this happens you must remove the unwanted versions of the rpms. If the extra rpms are not removed you will get install errors.

To help with this process you can use the “-c|–clean” option. This option will keep the rpm package with the most recent timestamp and remove the others.

The chkosimage command should always be used to verify the lpp_source content before using the osimage to install any AIX cluster nodes.


-c |--clean

Remove any older versions of the rpms. Keep the version with the latest timestamp.

-h |--help

Display usage message.


The name of the xCAT for AIX osimage definition.

-V |--verbose

Verbose mode.


0 The command completed successfully.

1 An error has occurred.


1. Check the XCAT osimage called “61image” to verify that the lpp_source directories contain all the software that is specified in the “installp_bundle” and “otherpkgs” attributes.

chkosimage -V 61image

2. Clean up the lpp_source directory for the osimage named “61img” by removing any older rpms with the same names but different versions.

chkosimage -c 61img




This command is part of the xCAT software product.