bmcdiscover - Discover Baseboard Management Controllers (BMCs) using a scan method


bmcdiscover [-? | -h | --help]

bmcdiscover [-v | --version]

bmcdiscover --range ip_ranges [--sn SN_nodename] [-s scan_method] [-u bmc_user] [-p bmc_passwd] [-n new_bmc_passwd] [-z] [-w]


The bmcdiscover command will discover Baseboard Management Controllers (BMCs) using a scan method.

The command uses nmap to scan active nodes over a specified IP range. The IP range format should be a format that is acceptable by nmap.

Note: The scan method currently supported is nmap.

Note: Starting on January 1, 2020, some newly shipped systems will require the default BMC password to be changed before they can be managed by xCAT. Use bmcdiscover with -n option to specify new BMC password.



Specify one or more IP ranges acceptable to nmap. IP range can be hostnames, IP addresses, networks, etc. A single IP address (, several IPs with commas (,, IP range with “-” ( or an IP range ( can be specified. If the range is very large, the bmcdiscover command may take a long time to return.


Specify one or more service nodes on which bmcdiscover will run. In hierarchical cluster, the MN may not be able to access the BMC of CN directly, but SN can. In that case, bmcdiscover will be dispatched to the specified SNs. Then, the nodename of the service node that bmcdiscover is running on will be set to the ‘servicenode’ attribute of the discovered BMC node.


Scan method (The only supported scan method at this time is nmap)


List the data returned in xCAT stanza format


Write to the xCAT database.


BMC user name.


BMC user password.


New BMC user password.


Display usage message


Display version information


0 The command completed successfully.

1 An error has occurred.


  1. To get all responding BMCs from IP range “” and “”:
bmcdiscover -s nmap --range ""

Note: Input for IP range can be in the form:,,; 10.0.0-255.1-254.

  1. To get all BMCs in IP range “10.4.22-23.100-254”, displayed in xCAT stanza format:
bmcdiscover -s nmap --range "10.4.22-23.100-254" -z
  1. To discover BMCs through sn01:
bmcdiscover --sn sn01 -s nmap --range "10.4.22-23.100-254" -z

Output is similar to:

  1. Discover the BMCs and write the discovered node definitions into the xCAT database and write out the stanza format to the console:
bmcdiscover -s nmap --range "10.4.22-23.100-254" -w -z
  1. Discover the BMC with the specified IP address, change its default BMC password and display in xCAT stanza format:
bmcdiscover --range "10.4.22-23.100" -u root -p 0penBmc -n 0penBmc123 -z