MTMS-based DiscoveryΒΆ

MTMS stands for Machine Type/Model and Serial. This is one way to uniquely identify each physical server.

MTMS-based hardware discovery assumes the administrator has the model type and serial number information for the physical servers and a plan for mapping the servers to intended hostname/IP addresses.


  1. Automatically search and collect MTMS information from the servers
  2. Write discovered-bmc-nodes to xCAT (recommended to set different BMC IP address)
  3. Create predefined-compute-nodes to xCAT providing additional properties
  4. Power on the nodes which triggers xCAT hardware discovery engine


  • Limited effort to get servers defined using xCAT hardware discovery engine


  • When compared to switch-based discovery, the administrator needs to create the predefined-compute-nodes for each of the discovered-bmc-nodes. This could become difficult for a large number of servers.