Run the Syncing File action in the updatenode process

Running updatenode command with -F option, will sync files configured in the synclist file to the nodes. updatenode does not sync images, use xdcp -i -F command to sync images.

updatenode can be used to sync files to to diskful or diskless nodes. updatenode cannot be used to sync files to statelite nodes.

Steps to make the Syncing File working in the updatenode -F command:

  1. Create the synclist file with the entries indicating which files should be synced. (refer to The Format of synclist file)
  2. Put the synclist into the proper location (refer to The location of synclist file for updatenode and install process).
  3. Run the updatenode <noderange> -F command to initiate the Syncing File action.


Since Syncing File action can be initiated by the updatenode -F, the updatenode -P does NOT support to re-run the syncfiles postscript, even if you specify the syncfiles postscript on the updatenode command line or set the syncfiles in the postscripts.postscripts attribute.