Task Type

xCAT supports following types of task which could be set in the chain:

  • runcmd


Currently only the bmcsetup command is officially supplied by xCAT to run to configure the bmc of the compute node. You can find the bmcsetup in /opt/xcat/share/xcat/netboot/genesis/<arch>/fs/bin/. You also could create your command in this directory and adding it to be run by runcmd=<you cmd>.



The command mknb <arch> is needed before reboot the node.

  • runimage


URL is a string which can be run by wget to download the image from the URL. The example could be:

runimage=http://<IP of xCAT Management Node>/<dir>/image.tgz
The image.tgz must have the following properties:
  • Created using the tar zcvf command
  • The tarball must include a runme.sh script to initiate the execution of the runimage

To create your own image, reference creating image for runimage.

Tip: You could try to run wget http://<IP of xCAT Management Node>/<dir>/image.tgz manually to make sure the path has been set correctly.

  • osimage

    osimage=<image name>

This task is used to specify the image that should be deployed onto the compute node.

  • shell

Causes the genesis kernel to create a shell for the administrator to log in and execute commands.

  • standby

Causes the genesis kernel to go into standby and wait for tasks from the chain. …