Unattended Firmware Flash

Unattended flash of OpenBMC firmware will do the following events:

  1. Upload both BMC firmware file and Host firmware file

  2. Activate both BMC firmware and Host firmware

  3. If BMC firmware becomes activate, reboot BMC to apply new BMC firmware, or else, rflash will exit

  4. If BMC itself state is NotReady, rflash will exit

  5. If BMC itself state is Ready, rflash will reboot the compute node to apply Host firmware

Use the following command to flash the firmware unattended:

rflash <noderange> -d /path/to/directory

If there are errors encountered during the flash process, take a look at the manual steps to continue flashing the BMC.


Use one of the following commands to validate firmware levels are in sync:

  • Use the rinv command to validate firmware level:

    rinv <noderange> firm -V | grep -i ibm | grep "\*" | xcoll
  • Use the rflash command to validate the firmware level:

    rflash <noderange> -l | grep "\*" | xcoll