xCAT only supports installation using the ISO format.

Download the Mellanox OFED ISO file here (MLNX_OFED).

Prepare Installation Script

The mlnxofed_ib_install.v2 is a sample script intended to assist with the installation of the Mellanox OFED drivers. The following support matrix documents the limited number of scenarios that have been verified: support matrix.

  1. Copy the mlnxofed_ib_install.v2 to /install/postscripts, renaming to mlnxofed_ib_install.

    cp /opt/xcat/share/xcat/ib/scripts/Mellanox/mlnxofed_ib_install.v2 \
    # ensure the script has execute permission
    chmod +x /install/postscripts/mlnxofed_ib_install
  2. Familiarize the options available for the xCAT mlnxofed_ib_install script.

    Option Required Description
    -p Yes
    The full path to the MLNX_OFED ISO image
    -m No
    Use this option to pass arguments to the Mellanox OFED
    installation script mlnxofedinstall.

    The special keyword -end- must be added to the end
    of the string to mark the completion of the option list
    option list.

    If nothing is specified, xCAT passes the the following
    --without-32bit --with out-fw-update --force
    -i For diskless
    The image root path of the diskless image

    -n For diskless
    nodeset status, value is genimage

    A very basic usage of the install script:

    /install/postscripts/mlnxofed_ib_install -p /install/<path-to>/<MLNX_OFED_LINUX.iso>

    To pass the --add-kernel-support option to mlnxofedinstall, use the following command:

    /install/postscripts/mlnxofed_ib_install -p /install/<path-to>/<MLNX_OFED_LINUX.iso> \
        -m --without-32bit --without-fw-update --add-kernel-support --force -end-