Build Tar File

After the Kit package repositories are built, run the buildtar subcommand in the Kit directory to build the final kit tarfile.

buildkit buildtar

The tar file will be built in the kit directory location. A complete kit will be named:

ex: kitname-1.0.0-x86_64.tar.bz2

A partial kit will have “NEED_PRODUCT_PKGS” string in its name:

ex: kitname-1.0.0-x86_64.NEED_PRODUCT_PKGS.tar.bz2

Using Partial Kits with newer Software Versions

If the product packages are for a newer version or release than what specified in the partial kit tar file name, user may still be able to build a complete kit with the packages, assuming that the partial kit is compatible with those packages.

Note: Basically, the latest partial kit available online will work until there is a newer version available.

To build a complete kit with the new software, user can provide the new version and/or release of the software on the buildkit command line.

buildkit addpkgs <kitname.NEED_PRODUCT_PKGS.tar.bz2> --pkgdir <product package directories> \
     --kitversion <new version> --kitrelease <new release>

For example, if the partial kit was created for a product version of but wish to complete a new kit for product version then can add “-k” to the buildkit command line.

Completing a partial kit

Follow these steps to complete the kit build process for a partial kit.

  1. copy the partial kit to a working directory
  2. copy the product software packages to a convenient location or locations
  3. cd to the working directory
  4. Build the complete kit tarfile
buildkit addpkgs <kit.NEED_PRODUCT_PKGS.tar.bz2> --pkgdir <product package directories>

The complete kit tar file will be created in the working directory