Removing xcatdb from MySQL/MariaDBΒΆ

If you no longer want to use MySQL/MariaDB to maintain xcatdb, and like to switch to PostgreSQL or just default SQLite ( Note: SQLite does not support xCAT Hierarchy (has service nodes)), use the following documentation as guide to remove xcatdb.

  • Run a backup of the database to save any information that is needed (optional):

    mkdir -p ~/xcat-dbback
    dumpxCATdb -p ~/xcat-dbback

    If you want to restore this database later:

    XCATBYPASS=1 restorexCATdb -p ~/xcat-dbback
  • Change to PostgreSQL, following documentation: Install PostgreSQL

  • Change back to default xCAT database, SQLite (Note: xCAT Hierarchy cluster will no longer work)

  1. Stop the xcatd daemon on the management node.

    service xcatd stop
  2. Remove the xatdb from MySQL/MariaDB (optional):

    /usr/bin/mysql -u root -p

    drop the xcatdb:

    mysql> drop database xcatdb;

    remove the xcatadm database owner :

    mysql> drop user xcatadm;
  3. Move, or remove, the /etc/xcat/cfglog file as it points xCAT to MySQL/MariaDB. (without this file, xCAT defaults to SQLite):

    rm /etc/xcat/cfgloc
  4. Restart xcatd:

    service xcatd start