OpenPOWER Nodes

When compute nodes are physically replaced in the frame, leverage xCAT to re-discover the compute nodes. The following guide can be used for:

  • IBM OpenPOWER S822LC for HPC
  1. Identify the machine(s) to be replaced: frame10cn02.

  2. [Optional] It’s recommended to set the BMC IP address back to DHCP, if it was set to STATIC.

    rspconfig frame10cn02 ip=dhcp
  3. Set the outgoing machine to offline and remove attributes of the machine:

    nodeset frame10cn02 offline
    chdef frame10cn02 mac=""
  4. If using MTMS-based discovery, fill in the Model-Type and Serial Number for the machine:

    chdef frame10cn02 mtm=8335-GTB serial=<NEW SERIAL NUMBER>
  5. If using SWITCH-based discovery, go on to the next step. The switch and switch-port should already be set in the compute node definition.

    Node attributes will be replaced during the discovery process (mtm, serial, mac, etc.)

  6. Search for the new BMC in the open range:

    bmcdiscover --range <IP open range> -w -z
  7. When the BMC is found, start the discovery with the following commands:

    rsetboot /node-8335.* net
    rpower /node-8335.* boot