Installing xCATΒΆ

xCAT consists of two software packages: xcat-core and xcat-dep

  1. xcat-core xCAT’s main software package and is provided in one of the following options:

    • Latest Release (Stable) Builds

      This is the latest GA (Generally Availability) build that has been tested throughly

    • Latest Snapshot Builds

      This is the latest snapshot of the GA version build that may contain bug fixes but has not yet been tested throughly

    • Development Builds

      This is the snapshot builds of the new version of xCAT in development. This version has not been released yet, use as your own risk

  2. xcat-dep xCAT’s dependency package. This package is provided as a convenience for the user and contains dependency packages required by xCAT that are not provided by the operating system.

xCAT is installed by configuring software repositories for xcat-core and xcat-dep and using yum package manager. The repositories can be publically hosted or locally hosted.