rcons - remotely accesses the serial console of a node


rcons singlenode [conserver-host] [-f] [-s]

rcons [-h|–help|-v|–version]


rcons provides access to a single remote node serial console, using the out-of-band infrastructure for the node (e.g. BMC, Management Module, HMC, KVM, etc.). It uses the conserver open source package to provide one read-write and multiple read-only instances of the console, plus console logging.

If conserver-host is specified, the conserver daemon on that host will be contacted, instead of on the local host.

To exit the console session, enter: <ctrl><shift>e c .



If another console for this node is already open in read-write mode, force that console into read-only (spy) mode, and open this console in read-write mode. If -f is not specified, this console will be put in spy mode if another console is already open in read-write mode. The -f flag can not be used with the -s flag.


Open the console in read-only (spy) mode, in this mode all the escape sequences work, but all other keyboard input is discarded. The -s flag can not be used with the -f flag.


Print help.


Print version.


nodehm table - xCAT node hardware management table. See nodehm(5)|nodehm.5 for further details. This is used to determine the console access method.


rcons node5

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