pscp - parallel remote copy


pscp [-i suffix] [scp options ...] [-f fanout] filename [filename ...] noderange:destinationdirectory

pscp {-h|–help|-v|–version}


pscp is a utility used to copy a single or multiple set of files and/or directories to a single or range of nodes and/or groups in parallel.

pscp is a front-end to the remote copy scp.

Note: this command does not support the xcatd client/server communication and therefore must be run on the management node. It does not support hierarchy, use xdcp to run remote copy command from the management node to the compute node via a service node.

pscp is NOT multicast, but is parallel unicasts.


-f fanout

Specifies a fanout value for the maximum number of concur- rently executing remote shell processes.

-i suffix

Interfaces to be used.

scp options

See scp(1)


A space delimited list of files to copy. If -r is passed as an scp option, directories may be specified as well.


A noderange(3)|noderange.3 and destination directory. The : is required.


Print help.


Print version.


Specifies the fanout value. This variable is overridden by the -f flag. Default is 64.


pscp -r /usr/local node1,node3:/usr/localpscp passwd group rack01:/etc

See Also

noderange(3)|noderange.3, pping(1)|pping.1, prsync(1)|prsync.1, psh(1)|psh.1