monadd - Registers a monitoring plug-in to the xCAT cluster.


monadd [-h| –help]

monadd [-v| –version]

monadd name [-n|–nodestatmon] [-s|–settings settings]


This command is used to register a monitoring plug-in module to monitor the xCAT cluster. The plug-in module will be added to the xCAT monitoring database table and the configuration scripts for the monitoring plug-in, if any, will be added to the postscripts table. A monitoring plug-in module acts as a bridge that connects a 3rd party monitoring software and the xCAT cluster. A configuration script is used to configure the 3rd party software. Once added to the <postscripts> table, it will be invoked on the nodes during node deployment stage.


name is the name of the monitoring plug-in module. For example, if the the name is called xxx, then the actual file name that the xcatd looks for is /opt/xcat/lib/perl/xCAT_monitoring/ Use monls -a command to list all the monitoring plug-in modules that can be used.

settings is the monitoring plug-in specific settings. It is used to customize the behavior of the plug-in or configure the 3rd party software. Format: -s key-value -s key=value ... Please note that the square brackets are needed here. Use monls name -d command to look for the possbile setting keys for a plug-in module.


-h | –help

Display usage message.

-n | –nodestatmon

Indicate that this monitoring plug-in will be used for feeding the node liveness status to the xCAT nodelist table.

-s | –settings

Specifies the plug-in specific settings. These settings will be used by the plug-in to customize certain entities for the plug-in or the third party monitoring software. e.g. -s mon_interval=10 -s toggle=1.

**-v | –version **

Command Version.


0 The command completed successfully.

1 An error has occurred.


  1. To register gangliamon plug-in module (which interacts with Ganglia monitoring software) to monitor the xCAT cluster, enter:

    monadd gangliamon
  2. To register rmcmon plug-in module (which interacts with IBM’s RSCT monitoring software) to monitor the xCAT cluster and have it feed the node liveness status to xCAT’s nodelist table, enter:

    monadd rmcmon -n

    This will also add the configrmcnode to the postscripts table. To view the content of the postscripts table, enter:

    tabdump postscritps
  3. To register xcatmon plug-in module to feed the node liveness status to xCAT’s nodelist table, enter:

    monadd xcatmon -n -s ping-interval=2

    where 2 is the number of minutes between the pings.




monls(1)|monls.1, monrm(1)|monrm.1, monstart(1)|monstart.1, monstop(1)|monstop.1, moncfg(1)|moncfg.1, mondecfg(1)|mondecfg.1