mkflexnode - Create a flexible node.


mkflexnode [-h | –help]

mkflexnode [-v | –version]

mkflexnode noderange


A flexible node is a Partition in a complex. Creating a flexible node is to create a partition which including all the slots defined in the xCAT blade node.

Before creating a flexible node, a general xCAT blade node should be defined. The id attribute of this node should be a node range like ‘a-b’, it means the blades installed in slots ‘a-b’ need to be assigned to the partition. ‘a’ is the start slot, ‘b’ is the end slot. If this partition only have one slot, the slot range can be ‘a’.

The action of creating flexible node will impact the hardware status. Before creating it, the blades in the slot range should be in power off state.

After the creating, use the lsflexnode to check the status of the node.

The noderange only can be a blade node.


-h | –help

Display the usage message.

-v | –version

Display the version information.



Create a flexible node base on the xCAT node blade1.

The blade1 should belong to a complex, the id attribute should be set correctly and all the slots should be in power off state.

mkflexnode blade1




lsflexnode(1)|lsflexnode.1, rmflexnode(1)|rmflexnode.1