lskmodules - list kernel driver modules in rpms or driver disk image files


lskmodules [-V | –verbose]
[-i | –osimage osimage_names] [-c | –kitcomponent kitcomp_names] [-o | –osdistro osdistro_names] [-u | –osdistropudate osdistroupdate_names] [-x | –xml | –XML]

lskmodules [-? | -h | –help | -v | –version]


The lskmodules command finds the kernel driver module files (*.ko) in the specified input locations, runs the modinfo command against each file, and returns the driver name and description. If -x is specified, the output is returned with XML tags.

Input to the command can specify any number or combination of the input options.


-i|–osimage osimage_names

where osimage_names is a comma-delimited list of xCAT database osimage object names. For each osimage_name, lskmodules will use the entries in osimage.driverupdatesrc for the rpms and driver disk image files to search.

-c|–kitcomponent kitcomponent_names

where kitcomponent_names is a comma-delimited list of xCAT database kitcomponent object names. For each kitcomponent_name, lskmodules will use the entries in kitcomponent.driverpacks for the rpm list and the repodir of the kitcomponent.kitreponame for the location of the rpm files to search.

-o|–osdistro osdistro_names

where osdistro_names is a comma-delimited list of xCAT database osdistro object names. For each osdistro_name, lskmodules will search each <osdistro.dirpaths>/Packages/kernel-<kernelversion>.rpm file.

-u|–osdistroupdate osdistroupdate_names

where osdistroupdate_names is a comma-delimited list of xCAT database osdistroupdate table entries. For each osdistroupdate_name, lskmodules will search the <osdistroupdate.dirpath>/kernel-<kernelversion>.rpm file.


Return the output with XML tags. The data is returned as:
<name> xxx.ko </name> <description> this is module xxx </description>


This option is intended for use by other programs. The XML will not be displayed. To view the returned XML, set the XCATSHOWXML=yes environment variable before running this command.


Display additional progress and error messages.


Command Version.


Display usage message.



The command completed successfully.


An error has occurred.


  1. To list the kernel modules included in the driverpacks shipped with kitcomponent kit1_comp1-x86_64, enter:

    lskmodules -c kit1_comp1-x86_64