Starting the confetty client

As the root user, running /opt/confluent/bin/confetty will open the confetty prompt

[root@c910f02c05p03 ~]# /opt/confluent/bin/confetty
/ ->

Creating a non root user

It’s recommenteed to create a non root user to use to connect to confetty

  1. Create a non-root user on the management node:

    useradd -m vhu
  2. As root, create a non-root user in confetty:

    /opt/confluent/bin/confetty create users/vhu
  3. Set the password for the non-root user:

    /opt/confluent/bin/confetty set users/vhu password="mynewpassword"

Connecting to a remote server

In order to do remote sessions, keys must first be added to /etc/confluent

  • /etc/confluent/privkey.pem - private key
  • /etc/confluent/srvcert.pem - server cert

If you want to use the xCAT Keys, you can simple copy them into /etc/confluent

cp /etc/xcat/cert/server-key.pem /etc/confluent/privkey.pem
cp /etc/xcat/cert/server-cert.pem /etc/confluent/srvcert.pem

Start confetty, specify the server IP address:

confetty -s

TODO: Add text for exporting user/pass into environment