osimage - a table in the xCAT database.


osimage Attributes: imagename, groups, profile, imagetype, description, provmethod, rootfstype, osdistroname, osupdatename, cfmdir, osname, osvers, osarch, synclists, postscripts, postbootscripts, serverrole, isdeletable, kitcomponents, environvar, comments, disable


Basic information about an operating system image that can be used to deploy cluster nodes.

osimage Attributes:


The name of this xCAT OS image definition.


A comma-delimited list of image groups of which this image is a member. Image groups can be used in the litefile and litetree table instead of a single image name. Group names are arbitrary.


The node usage category. For example compute, service.


The type of operating system image this definition represents (linux,AIX).


OS Image Description


The provisioning method for node deployment. The valid values are install, netboot,statelite,boottarget,dualboot,sysclone. If boottarget is set, you must set linuximage.boottarget to the name of the boottarget definition. It is not used by AIX.


The filesystem type for the rootfs is used when the provmethod is statelite. The valid values are nfs or ramdisk. The default value is nfs


The name of the OS distro definition. This attribute can be used to specify which OS distro to use, instead of using the osname,osvers,and osarch attributes. For *kit commands, the attribute will be used to read the osdistro table for the osname, osvers, and osarch attributes. If defined, the osname, osvers, and osarch attributes defined in the osimage table will be ignored.


A comma-separated list of OS distro updates to apply to this osimage.


CFM directory name for PCM. Set to /install/osimages/<osimage name>/cfmdir by PCM.


Operating system name- AIX or Linux.


The Linux operating system deployed on this node. Valid values: rhels*,rhelc*, rhas*,centos*,alma*, rocky*,SL*, fedora*, sles* (where * is the version #).


The hardware architecture of this node. Valid values: x86_64, ppc64, x86, ia64.


The fully qualified name of a file containing a list of files to synchronize on the nodes. Can be a comma separated list of multiple synclist files. The synclist generated by PCM named /install/osimages/<imagename>/synclist.cfm is reserved for use only by PCM and should not be edited by the admin.


Comma separated list of scripts that should be run on this image after diskful installation or diskless boot. For installation of RedHat, CentOS, Fedora, the scripts will be run before the reboot. For installation of SLES, the scripts will be run after the reboot but before the init.d process. For diskless deployment, the scripts will be run at the init.d time, and xCAT will automatically add the list of scripts from the postbootscripts attribute to run after postscripts list. For installation of AIX, the scripts will run after the reboot and acts the same as the postbootscripts attribute. For AIX, use the postbootscripts attribute. See the site table runbootscripts attribute.


Comma separated list of scripts that should be run on this after diskful installation or diskless boot. On AIX these scripts are run during the processing of /etc/inittab. On Linux they are run at the init.d time. xCAT automatically adds the scripts in the xcatdefaults.postbootscripts attribute to run first in the list. See the site table runbootscripts attribute.


The role of the server created by this osimage. Default roles: mgtnode, servicenode, compute, login, storage, utility.


A flag to indicate whether this image profile can be deleted. This attribute is only used by PCM.


List of Kit Component IDs assigned to this OS Image definition.


Comma delimited environment variables for the osimage


Any user-written notes.


Set to ‘yes’ or ‘1’ to comment out this row.


nodels(1), chtab(8), tabdump(8), tabedit(8)