nodegrpch - Changes attributes at the group level in the xCAT cluster database.


nodegrpch group1,group2,… table.column=value []

nodegrpch {-v | --version}

nodegrpch [-? | -h | --help]


The nodegrpch command is similar to the nodech command, but ensures that the parameters are declared at the group level rather than the node specific level, and clears conflicting node specific overrides of the specified groups. Using table.column=value will do a verbatim assignment. If “,=” is used instead of “=”, the specified value will be prepended to the attribute’s comma separated list, if it is not already there. If “^=” is used, the specified value will be removed from the attribute’s comma separated list, if it is there. You can also use “^=” and “,=” in the same command to essentially replace one item in the list with another. (See the Examples section.)

With these operators in mind, the unambiguous assignment operator is ‘=@’. If you need, for example, to set the nodehm.comments to =foo, you would have to do nodegrpch group1 nodehm.comments=@=foo.

See the xcatdb man page for an overview of each table.

The nodegrpch command also supports some short cut names as aliases to common attributes. See the nodels man page for details.



Command Version.


Display usage message.


0 The command completed successfully.

1 An error has occurred.


  1. To declare all members of ipmi group to have nodehm.mgt be ipmi

    nodegrpch ipmi nodehm.mgt=ipmi




nodech(1)|nodech.1, nodels(1)|nodels.1, nodeadd(8)|nodeadd.8, noderange(3)|noderange.3