Configure Additional Network Interfaces - confignetworkΒΆ

The confignetwork postscript can be used to configure the network interfaces on the compute nodes to support Ethernet adapters, VLAN, BONDs, and BRIDGES. confignetwork can be used in postscripts during OS provisioning, it can also be executed in updatenode. The way the confignetwork postscript decides what IP address to give the secondary adapter is by checking the nics table, in which the nic configuration information is stored. In order for the confignetwork postscript to run successfully, the following attributes must be configured for the node in the nics table:

  • nicips
  • nictypes
  • nicnetworks

If configuring VLAN, BOND, or BRIDGES, nicdevices in nics table must be configured. VLAN, BOND or BRIDGES is only supported on RHEL.

  • nicdevices - resolves the relationship among the physical network interface devices

The following scenarios are examples to configure Ethernet adapters/BOND/VLAN/Bridge.