Run xdcp command to perform Syncing File action

xdcp command supplies three options -F , -s, and -i to support the Syncing File function.

  • -F|–File <synclist input file>

Specifies the full path to the synclist file

  • -s

Specifies to sync to the service nodes only for the input compute noderange.

  • -i | –rootimg <install image for Linux>

Specifies the full path to the install image on the local node.

By default, if the -F option is specified, the rsync command is used to perform the syncing file function. Only the ssh remote shell is supported for rsync. xdcp uses the -Lpotz as the default flags to call the rsync command. More flags for rsync command can be specified by adding -o flag to the call to xdcp.

For example you can use xdcp -F option to sync files which are listed in the /install/custom/commonsyncfiles/<profile>.synclist file to the node group named compute. If the node group compute is serviced by servicenodes, then the files will be automatically staged to the correct service nodes, and then synced to the compute nodes from those service nodes. The files will be stored in /var/xcat/syncfiles directory on the service nodes by default, or in the directory indicated in the site.SNsyncfiledir attribute. See -s option below.

xdcp compute -F /install/custom/commonsynfiles/<profile>.synclist

For Linux nodes, you can use xdcp command -i option with -F to sync files specified in the /install/custom/<inst_type>/<os><profile>.synclist file to the osimage in the directory /install/<inst_type>/<os>/<arch>/<profile>/rootimg:

xdcp -i /install/<inst_type>/<os>/<arch>/<profile>/rootimg -F /install/custom/<inst_type>/<os>/<profile>.synclist

You can use the xdcp -s option to sync the files only to the service nodes for the node group named compute. The files will be placed in the default /var/xcat/syncfiles directory or in the directory as indicated in the site.SNsyncfiledir attribute. If you want the files synced to the same directory on the service node that they come from on the Management Node, set site.SNsyncfiledir=/ attribute. This can be setup before a node install, to have the files available to be synced during the install:

xdcp compute -s -F /install/custom/<inst_type>/<os>/<profile>.synclist