Install Additional Other Packages with Ubuntu official mirror

The Ubuntu ISO used to install the compute nodes only include packages to run a minimal base operating system, it is likely that users will want to install additional Ubuntu packages from the internet Ubuntu repositories or local repositories, this section describes how to install additional Ubuntu packages.

Compute nodes can access the internet

  1. Specify the repository

    Define the otherpkgdir attribute in osimage to use the internet repository directly.:

    chdef -t osimage <osimage name> otherpkgdir=" \
    $(lsb_release -sc) main, $(lsb_release -sc)-update main"
  2. Define the otherpkglist file

    create an otherpkglist file: /install/custom/install/ubuntu/compute.otherpkgs.pkglist, add the package names into this file, and modify the otherpkglist attribute in the osimage.

    chdef -t osimage <osimage name> otherpkglist=/install/custom/install/ubuntu/compute.otherpkgs.pkglist
  3. Run updatenode <noderange> -S or updatenode <noderange> -P otherpkgs

    Run updatenode -S to install/update the packages on the compute nodes

    updatenode <noderange> -S

    Run updatenode -P otherpkgs to install/update the packages on the compute nodes

    updatenode <noderange> -P otherpkgs

Compute nodes can not access the internet

If compute nodes cannot access the internet, there are two ways to install additional packages