Using MySQL/MariaDB

Start/Stop MySQL/MariaDB service

[RHEL] for MariaDB:

service mariadb start
service mariadb stop

[RHEL] for MySQL:

service mysqld start
service mysqld stop

[SLES] and [Ubuntu]:

service mysql start
service mysql stop

[SLE15] :

systemctl start mariadb
systemctl stop mariadb

Basic MySQL/MariaDB commands

Refer to for the latest documentation.

  • Using mysql, connect to the xcat database:

    mysql -u root -p
  • List the hosts and users which managed by this xcat MN:

    MariaDB> SELECT host, user FROM mysql.user;
  • List the databases:

  • Use the xcatdb:

    MariaDB> use xcatdb;
  • List all the tables:

    MariaDB [xcatdb]> SHOW TABLES;
  • Show the entries in the nodelist table:

    MariaDB [xcatdb]> select * from nodelist;
  • Quit mysql:

    MariaDB [xcatdb]> quit;