2017-01-27 - OpenSSL Vulnerabilities

Jan 26, 2017, OpenSSL announced the following security advisories: https://www.openssl.org/news/secadv/20170126.txt

Advisory CVEs

  • CVE-2017-3731 - Truncated packet could crash via OOB read (Severity:Moderate)

  • CVE-2017-3730 - Bad (EC)DHE parameters cause a client crash (Severity: Moderate)

  • CVE-2017-3732 - BN_mod_exp may produce incorrect results on x86_64 (Severity: Moderate)

  • CVE-2016-7055 - Montgomery multiplication may produce incorrect results (Severity: Low)

Please see the security bulletin above for patch, upgrade, or suggested work around information.


xCAT uses OpenSSL for client-server communication but does not ship it.

It is highly recommended to keep your OpenSSL levels up-to-date with the indicated versions in the security bulletins to prevent any potential security threats. Obtain the updated software packages from your Operating system distribution channels.