IPMI Firmware Update

The process for updating firmware on the IBM Power9 Server (Boston) is documented below.

Collect the required files

Collect the following files and put them into a directory on the Management Node.

  • pUpdate utility

  • .pnor for host

  • .bin for bmc

If running rflash in Hierarchy, the firmware files/directory must be accessible on the Service Nodes.

Flash Firmware

Using xCAT rflash command, specify the directory containing the files with the -d option.

rflash <noderange> -d /path-to-directory/

The pUpdate utility is leveraged in doing the firmware update against the target node and will do the following:

  • power off the host

  • flash bmc and reboot

  • flash host

  • power on the host

Monitor the progress for the nodes by looking at the files under /var/log/xcat/rflash/.


Use the rinv command to validate firmware level:

rinv <noderange> firm | xcoll