Verify xCAT Installation

Quick verification of the xCAT Install can be done running the following steps:

  1. Source the profile to add xCAT Commands to your path:

    source /etc/profile.d/
  2. Check the xCAT version:

    lsxcatd -a
  3. Check to verify that the xCAT database is initialized by dumping out the site table:

    tabdump site

    The output should be similar to the following:


Starting and Stopping

xCAT is started automatically after the installation, but the following commands can be used to start, stop, restart, and check xCAT status.

  • start xCAT:

    service xcatd start
    [systemd] systemctl start xcatd.service
  • stop xCAT:

    service xcatd stop
    [systemd] systemctl stop xcatd.service
  • restart xCAT:

    service xcatd restart
    [systemd] systemctl restart xcatd.service
  • check xCAT status:

    service xcatd status
    [systemd] systemctl status xcatd.service