Set Up the Management Node for KVM

Set Up the kvm storage directory on the management node(optional)

It is a recommended configuration to create a shared file system for virtual machines hosting. The shared file system, usually on a SAN, NAS or GPFS, is shared among KVM hypervisors, which simplifies VM migration from one hypervisor to another with xCAT.

The easiest shared file system is /install directory on the management node, it can be shared among hypervisors via NFS. Please refer to the following steps :

  • Create a directory to store the virtual disk files

    mkdir -p /install/vms
  • export the storage directory

    echo "/install/vms *(rw,no_root_squash,sync,fsid=0)" >> /etc/exports
    exportfs -r

Note: make sure the root permission is turned on for nfs clients (i.e. use the no_root_squash option). Otherwise, the virtual disk file can not work.