Hierarchy Support

In the statelite environment, the service node needs to provide NFS service for the compute node with statelite, the service nodes must to be setup with diskfull installation.

Setup the diskfull service node

  1. Setup one diskfull service node at first.

  2. Since statelite is a kind of NFS-hybrid method, you should remove the installloc attribute in the site table. This makes sure that the service node does not mount the /install directory from the management node on the service node.

Generate the statelite image

To generate the statelite image for your own profile follow instructions in Customize your statelite osimage.

NOTE: if the NFS directories defined in the litetree table are on the service node, it is better to setup the NFS directories in the service node following the chapter.

Sync the /install directory

The command prsync is used to sync the /install directory to the service nodes.

Run the following:

cd /
prsync install <sn>:/

<sn> is the hostname of the service node you defined.

Since the prsync command will sync all the contents in the /install directory to the service nodes, the first time will take a long time. But after the first time, it will take very short time to sync.

NOTE: if you make any changes in the /install directory on the management node, and the changes can affect the statelite image, you need to sync the /install directory to the service node again.

Set the boot state to statelite

You can now deploy the node:

rinstall <noderange> osimage=rhel5.3-x86_64-statelite-compute

This will create the necessary files in /tftpboot for the node to boot correctly.