Manually Discover Nodes

If you have a few nodes which were not discovered by automated hardware discovery process, you can find them in discoverydata table using the nodediscoverls command. The undiscovered nodes are those that have a discovery method value of ‘undef’ in the discoverydata table.

Display the undefined nodes with the nodediscoverls command:

#nodediscoverls -t undef
UUID                                    NODE                METHOD         MTM       SERIAL
fa2cec8a-b724-4840-82c7-3313811788cd    undef               undef          8247-22L  10112CA

If you want to manually define an ‘undefined’ node to a specific free node name, use the nodediscoverdef(TODO) command.

Before doing that, a node with desired IP address for host and FSP/BMC must be defined first:

nodeadd cn1 groups=powerLE,all
chdef cn1 mgt=ipmi cons=ipmi ip= bmc= netboot=petitboot installnic=mac primarynic=mac

For example, if you want to assign the undefined node whose uuid is fa2cec8a-b724-4840-82c7-3313811788cd to cn1, run:

nodediscoverdef -u fa2cec8a-b724-4840-82c7-3313811788cd -n cn1

After manually defining it, the ‘node name’ and ‘discovery method’ attributes of the node will be changed. You can display the changed attributes using the nodediscoverls command:

UUID                                    NODE                METHOD         MTM       SERIAL
fa2cec8a-b724-4840-82c7-3313811788cd    cn1                manual          8247-22L  10112CA