Predict network adapter name during discovery

Traditionally, network interfaces in Linux are enumerated as eth[0123…], but these names do not correspond to actual labels on the chassis. Now, most of the linux distribution support naming the adapter with slot information which makes adapter name predictable. xCAT add getadapter script which can be run during discovery stage to detect the adapter names and pci slot information to help customer configure the network.

How to use getadapter

Set the chain table to run getadapter script

chdef <noderange> chain="runcmd=getadapter"

After the discovery completed, the column nicsadapter of nics table is updated.

View result with lsdef command

# lsdef <node>
nicsadapter.enP3p3s0f0=mac=98:be:94:59:fa:cc linkstate=DOWN pci=/pci0003:00/0003:00:00.0/0003:01:00.0/0003:02:01.0/0003:03:00.0 candidatename=enP3p3s0f0/enx98be9459facc
nicsadapter.enP3p3s0f1=mac=98:be:94:59:fa:cd linkstate=DOWN pci=/pci0003:00/0003:00:00.0/0003:01:00.0/0003:02:01.0/0003:03:00.1 candidatename=enP3p3s0f1/enx98be9459facd
nicsadapter.enP3p3s0f2=mac=98:be:94:59:fa:ce linkstate=DOWN pci=/pci0003:00/0003:00:00.0/0003:01:00.0/0003:02:01.0/0003:03:00.2 candidatename=enP3p3s0f2/enx98be9459face
nicsadapter.enP3p3s0f3=mac=98:be:94:59:fa:cf linkstate=UP pci=/pci0003:00/0003:00:00.0/0003:01:00.0/0003:02:01.0/0003:03:00.3 candidatename=enP3p3s0f3/enx98be9459facf

Below are the information getadapter trying to inspect:

  • name: the real adapter name used by genesis operation system

  • pci: the pci slot location

  • mac: the MAC address

  • candidatename: All the names which satisfy predictable network device naming scheme, if customer needs to customize their network adapter name, they can choose one of them. (confignetwork needs to do more work to support this. if customer want to use their own name, xcat should offer a interface to get customer’s input and change this column)

  • linkstate: The link state of network device