Changing the Hostname/IP address

Change compute node definition relevant to the service node

Change the settings in database. Below shows a method to find out where the old IP address settings (take as a example) are used in Hierarchy environment.

  • Query the old attribute

    lsdef -t node -l | grep ""
    # below is output of the above command. We can find out that nfsserver
    # and servicenode are using the old IP address setting.
  • Query the nodes whose nfsserver is

    lsdef -w nfsserver==
    # below is output of the above command
    cn1  (node)
    cn2  (node)
    cn3  (node)
    cn4  (node)
  • Change the nfsserver address for cn1,cn2,cn3,cn4 by running the following command:

    chdef -t node cn1-cn4 nfsserver=<new service node IP addresss>

Database Connection Changes

Granting or revoking access privilege in the database for the service node.

Update Provision Environment on Service Node

If you are using service nodes to install the nodes and using /etc/hosts for hostname resolution, you need to copy the new /etc/hosts from the management node to the service nodes, then run makedns -n on the service nodes. For example:

xdcp <servicenodes>  /etc/hosts /etc/hosts
xdsh <servicenodes> makedns -n

Reinstall the nodes to pick up all changes

nodeset <noderange> osimage=<osimagename>

Then use your normal command to install the nodes like rinstall, rnetboot, etc.